China Film Faced Plywood Best Quality Factory Price

China Film Faced Plywood Best Quality Factory Price
Product Details

Product introduction

Chanta film faced plywood is mainly made of eucalyptus plywood, poplar plywood or eu-

calyptus and poplar plywood, it is economic and practical for the construction concrete pou-

ring, for it could be the face panel for any formwork system, for example, steel frame formw-

ork system, single side formwork system, timber beam formwork system, steel props formw-

ork system, scaffolding formwork system, etc.phenolic film plywood

Product features

1. Light Weight: We choose the high grade eucalyptus and poplar as the basic material, they

are very light, so Chanta film faced plywood is convenient for transporting, and only one per-

son could delivery single formwork by hand. 

2. Easy To Cut: the plywood is easy to cut, so according to the construction, the formwork co-

uld be cut into the required size. 

3. Re-used: Chanta film faced plywood could be used 8-10 times. 

4.Multi Using: Chanta film faced plywood could be used for wall, slab, column, beam and bri-

dge concrete pouring etc.. phenolic film plywood 

5. No Deformation: Chanta film faced plywood is also whole but not deformation and chipp-

ing after 72 hours cooking in boiling water. 

6. High Quality Film: Phenolic film plywood is filmed by  Dynea brown or  black film impor-

ted from Finland, it protect the formwork surface from the corrosion and makes the formwo-

rk durable, improves the flatness of the concrete surface and makes the concrete surface save

the second time plastering, so it could save a lot cost of construction.

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