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At present, China's timber utilization rate is only about 65%%

Apr 13, 2017

October 30-31st, at the Seventh China Timber Protection Industry conference and the New Technology Development Summit Forum, organized by the University of Forestry Science and Technology in Zhongnan, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Li Jian, China timber and wood Products Circulation Association President Liu Nengwen the authoritative experts in the field of timber industry, such as the appeal of our country should improve the comprehensive utilization of timber, wood function improvement and waste timber recycling through policy drive and technological innovation, to alleviate the current contradiction between supply and demand of timber.

According to statistics, the current comprehensive utilization rate of timber in China is only 65%, and the developed countries generally over 80%%, if can improve 1%, China will save the timber 750,000 cubic meters annually.

In the last decade, Liu Nengwen said in the report, China's timber imports have risen from 34.769 million cubic metres of 2004 to 79.16 million cubic metres of 2013, over 1 time times. China's annual consumption of timber is about 500 million cubic meters, with the supply and demand gap accounted for half, mainly by imports of timber to solve. Globally, China's log imports accounted for 1/3 of the Global trade volume of logs, and saw timber imports accounted for 1/4 of global timber trade. As more and more countries are restricting the export of logs and the comprehensive protection of natural forests in China, the contradiction between supply and demand of timber in China will be more prominent.