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China building template market innovation modular template system

Apr 13, 2017

Building template development up to now, some developed countries for building template technology attaches great importance to building design is the uniform national standards in the execution, simplified structure, refined decoration, the design principle of unity, emphasis on cost, make the template system can realize modularization, assembly, and tools. Therefore, the template can not only ensure the quality of the concrete engineering of developed countries, and have very good comprehensive technical and economic benefits. Domestic template construction enterprise should complement each other, play their own advantages.

With the deepening reform of construction market, all kinds of building template factory also began dividing market, throughout the country have like railways, tunnels, Bridges and other construction projects, require different shapes, different materials of the template to use and matching, market demand is bigger, it depends on the template enterprises have their own advantages, how to this information, and then improve the product quality, adapt to market demand, research and development of new products, welcome to receive customers.