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Global wood Products grow for four consecutive years

Apr 13, 2017

The production of the main wooden products, 2013, globally showed steady growth, the growth of the fourth consecutive year, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization new data display.

Growth is driven by wood pellets biofuels, which are produced by industrial logs, sawn timber and panels, all of which are recovering from the 2008-2009 recession. Competitive wood fibre-global production of pulp and paper is declining.

Timber production in 2013 years exceeded the 2007-year economic downturn before the level of all products except sawn timber. Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean and North America have seen the fastest-recovering timber production. Europe's slowing in 2012 has yet to resume, declining to industrial logs and wood-based panels, and demand in some areas.

Timber particles production soared to the highest historic 2013, in Europe's bio-energy policy and consumer target 12%, 2013 grew the demand for sawdust particles, for 22 million tons, more than half of international deals.

The wooden particles in the market are accounted for by Europe and North America, respectively, 62% and 34%. Almost 81% and 15% of all the world's production and consumption, dominated by North America to Europe, and Britain has increased by a doubling of 2013 than the previous year.

China overtook some other major countries in 2013, and sawn timber production defeated the consumption of sawn timber in Canada and the United States. Imports of logs and sawn timber have surged by 18% in China, reaching record levels 2013.

Global panel production soared to a new record: from 2012 358 million cubic meters-7.8% of 2009. Panel 35% is the only product category that has not shrunk in the recent recession and its production has grown steadily.