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Plywood Industry Enterprise Group External

Apr 13, 2017

Plywood has traditionally been the traditional products in China's timber industry, which is indispensable intermediate inputs in the furniture industry and construction industry. Zhangzhou is a well-known plywood production area, producers are actively expanding the domestic market while also exporting products to foreign countries. In recent years, China's export of bamboo and wood products encountered in the technical trade measures increased by year, which has formed a great obstacle to us.

In the enormous domestic and foreign market demand, many plywood owners in Zhangzhou set up their own plywood chamber of commerce, peer enterprises to strengthen coordination between the group, to promote international negotiations, the strength and ability to resist risk. 2014 Zhangzhou and Ming Wood industry chairman Huang Zhiyi with the strong corporate strength and personal capacity of the wood in the Zhangzhou plywood Chamber of Commerce, and the construction template of high-yield sales to peer enterprises to make a good example. 2015, Huang Zhiyi will work together to lead the wood industry in Zhangzhou plywood enterprises towards a higher level.