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Recent developments in the National Panel market

Apr 13, 2017

Wood-based panels and wood products exports, January-November, the cumulative export fiberboard 2.076 million m3, the amount of USD 1.5 billion, compared to last year respectively grew 4.2% and 7.5%, November the month exports 280,000 M3, the amount of 140 million dollars. Zhangzhou-Ming Licensing construction template in the end of the domestic market when the export volume stable, the English film panel is favored by foreign customers, continued to export India and the Philippines. Foreign customers also to the factory to visit the template to negotiate.

Recently, from the Jiangsu regional template manufacturers know that wood templates in recent years gradually replaced by a new type of template. Template manufacturers have now done their hands, on the one hand to operate their own wooden templates, on the other hand to study the future development of new templates, for the future development of enterprises to fight a protracted war.

It is also actively seeking to develop new building formwork based on increasing the technology content of wooden building formwork and improving the quality of traditional architectural formwork. Hop Ming brand new type of wood-plastic composite construction template suitable for high-rise building use, the section repeated turnover more than 30 times, affordable, high utilization, cost-effective.