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Shandong plywood exports occupy a 40% share of the country continued to grow

Apr 13, 2017

2014, China's plywood exports completed 13.2156 million cubic meters, a year earlier than a 28.79% increase in the number of 2.9542 million cubic meters.

Order BY export quantity: Shandong completes 5.5587 million cubic meters, over the same period of 14.87%% increase in China's export volume of 42.06%, Jiangsu completed 3.2713 million cubic meters, compared with a year earlier in 16.31%, Guangdong to complete 732,000 cubic meters, compared with the growth of 30.99%, Guangxi completed 612,200 cubic meters over a year earlier, 6.51% in Zhejiang Province, 409100 cubic meters, compared to 5.46%, Shanghai completes 128,600 cubic metres, 2.71% percent lower than a year earlier.