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To improve the quality of the plywood in the production method

Apr 13, 2017

Abundant reasonable use of resources in this area. Door and the primary selection of eucalyptus wood plywood as the raw material, and eucalyptus trees are fast-growing industrial raw material forest category, diameter class in smaller, the current and the use of direct rotary cutting technology, its system of veneer fissure is deeper, both affect the strength of the veneer, and increase the amount of sizing. Therefore, intends to adopt cooking or soaking technology to advance the eucalyptus wood, with useful crack degrees. The technical transformation is very important to improve the quality of veneer.

Ensure the quality of veneer manufacturing plywood can choose with thick and thin veneer veneer to piece together. If choose the thin veneer, can progress of structural plywood mechanical properties, but also increased the use of single layer and glue consumption, increasing the difficulty of plywood hot-pressing technology. If choose thick veneer, losing the mechanical properties of the board, also advances the glue of the degree requirements, simple form degumming, stratification, the appearance of cracking. Drop in humidity can enhance the quality of the construction plywood veneer. Veneer is flat, cuts veneer and veneer, and cut by the glue.

Complete veneer in the produce. Throughout the current use of artificial way has many shortcomings, joining together the whole board veneer stack with each other, the joining together already extended the preloading agglutination moment, have fallen a plywood inside connection strength, increasing the thickness range of the plywood, hiding out in the end products the quality of the die cut. Door and wood will choose machine developed by planning, in order to save investment, fall in production costs, and complete the veneer in the produce. One of the leading enterprises in the technology will be.