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Plywood Fibreboard Futures Margin Standard Adjustment

Apr 13, 2017

January 19 Closing, the large business will be plywood and fibreboard varieties of the lowest trading margin standard adjusted to 20%, ups and downs to maintain the range of 5% unchanged.

Market personage Analysis, this adjustment in addition to the recent overall commodity price fluctuation relatively large, spring festival near the factors, mainly in the national relevant institutions in the brewing of the wood-based panels of national quality standards. It is understood that, in recent years, the upgrading of man-made panels industry has intensified,

Last year, the relevant national institutions began to study the blockboard, such as wood-based panels of GB related indicators to amend the industry is expected to accelerate the work in the near future. Increase margin can give the market the corresponding buffer and coping space, to avoid the national new GB changes to the futures trading potential impact, early prevention and control risks, but also conducive to the new GB issued in the relevant contract early docking new GB, to ensure the steady operation and development of the market.

Market people expect margin adjustments, the market will be less attention to the two plates, thus calm waiting for the completion of the national standard revision.

Analysts believe that the "along the way" construction is speeding up and the PBoC's policy level of interest rate cuts, coupled with the impact of the plywood's own fundamental factors, that is, the amount of goods can be delivered to the spot and warehouse orders, the price of the plywood period of the possibility of rising.