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The Forecast Of The Development Of Wood-based Panel Industry Under New Consumption Mode

Apr 13, 2017

"Thirteen-Five" period, "change the development mode, optimize the industrial structure, realize the balance of supply and demand" will become China's wood-based panel industry development Line, five insist will be the important fulcrum of industrial healthy development:

First, we must adhere to the ecological, environmental, social and economic development of the green economic concept, and regional eco-bearing capacity and environmental space capacity, pay attention to cleaner production, safe production, to achieve green growth, promote industrial upgrading;

Second, we must adhere to the sustainable use of biomass resources, such as forest resources as the foothold, rational and effective use of forest resource, improve the level of comprehensive utilization of resources, tamp the foundation of industrial development;

Thirdly, we must adhere to market demand, guide rational consumption and correct values, provide safe, healthy, environmental protection, meet the market demand products, satisfy personalized and diversified consumption trends, promote the process of industrial marketization;

Fourth, we must insist on technological innovation as the driving force, optimize the industrial structure, change the way of development, improve the quality and efficiency of wood-based panels industry, and realize the transformation of industry from scale to quality and benefit.

Fifth, we must insist on strengthening the market supervision, strengthen the quality supervision mechanism and the construction of inspection and inspection institutions, increase the supervision and crackdown on the production, sale and use of inferior wood-based panels, ensure the quality and safety of man-made board products, and escort the industrial health development.