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The Practicality Of An Axe

Apr 13, 2017

In civil terms, axes are usually used to cut down trees, and can also be used as woodworking tools, cutting some coarse parts.

The axe is also the routine equipment of firefighters, and is an effective tool for rescue obstructions such as doors and windows.

In fighting, hunting, the axe has a strong close combat capacity. is to give people a strong sense of rough strike weapon. In addition to melee combat, some special axes can also be used to throw. In ancient times, armed forces were often able to easily defeat enemy forces using swords.

Another for the network language, is a literal translation of Photoshop's photo netizens sometimes called Photoshop axes, the extension of the network language has: This beauty is cut out with an axe (meaning for using Photoshop processing); help me to chop this mm (cut) (meaning to beautify with Photoshop).