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The Property Market Is Not Omnipotent, Wood-based Panels Enterprise And Cannot Rely Excessively

Apr 13, 2017

All along, the property market is regarded as the wind vane of the home building materials markets. Wood-based panels industry downturn and the housing slump directly related, which let a lot of wood-based panels produced a wrong idea, as long as the housing market warmer, the wood-based panels can restore the past vitality, many of the wood-based panels enterprises and therefore embrace a kind of attitude waiting for the property market warming.

In fact, this year, with the housing market favorable policy, the furniture building materials on the sound of warmer markets are constantly circulating in the streets. Admittedly, the property market warming up to the downstream furniture building materials enterprises to bring favorable impact, but for the wood-based panel enterprises, this impact will take a long time to achieve. The property market is not "omnipotent", wood-based panels enterprises to break the predicament, can not put the hope all on this, excessive reliance on the housing rebound, but should actively seek new ways.