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The Use Of Axes Abroad

Apr 13, 2017

In medieval Europe, the axe was welcomed as a powerful weapon of swing. Axe and Sword (Broad Sword, sword), mace together, as auxiliary weapon besides Lance. In fact, the spear of a few metres after the knight rushed into the Scarlet battalions lost its use value. The knight's superiority in the melee is only the high strength of the heavy armor and horseback riding. In the top-down swing, axe a thick blade of the weapon to chop more powerful, not easy to collapse, and in this case the sword's backhand return value is not small. Axe has blade can kill a armor or soft armor of the enemy-compared with the sword, the axe can crush bones, and will cause serious injury (thick blade) can also use higher kinetic energy to kill the chain armor and even the enemy of plate armour. Axe can smash the chain section of a chain, so that the chain is embedded in the wound, resulting in easy to infect and difficult to cure wounds, even if the armor can not break, the axe could use its own kinetic energy to cause blunt injuries.

In infantry, axe can be used as anti Cavalry Weapon (armor), can also be very convenient to knock open the shield, and then down ... ... But the axe is heavier than the sword, the bulky is its biggest shortcoming (some aspects are also the merit), thus does not apply to melee (for example the Castle), the infantry with single hand axe must match shield, or equip the Deputy sword.